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By hiring SADLER INC. to take care of collecting your bad debt and slow payers, you will be taking a step in the right direction. By letting us be your professional attorney collection firm, not only would you have availed the services of highly qualified, experienced professionals, you would also have more time and resources to apply towards running your business successfully.

We offer the following Debt Collection Solutions:

  • Dedicated, well-trained and seasoned recovery agents.
  • Specialised tracing facilities.
  • Sophisticated debt collections and telephony software.
  • Well-proven collections and recovery strategies.

Given the opportunity to work for your promising company, we will prove that with our dedication and high performance that you have actually bought peace of mind for yourself in the guise of our professional legal services.

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Why Use Sadler Attorneys

Expertise and Professionalism

By choosing Sadler Attorneys, you are leveraging the expertise of highly qualified and experienced professionals, ensuring that your debt collection process is handled with the utmost skill and legal proficiency.

Time and Resource Efficiency

Letting us manage your debt collection allows you to focus more on running your business successfully. With Sadler Attorneys handling slow payers and bad debt, you can allocate your time and resources to more critical business operations.

Advanced Technology and Strategies

Our sophisticated debt collections and telephony software, combined with specialised tracing facilities, ensures efficient and effective debt recovery. Our well-proven collections and recovery strategies are designed to maximise your recovery rates.

Peace of Mind

Hiring Sadler Attorneys means you are not just getting a service but peace of mind. Our dedicated, well-trained, and seasoned recovery agents work tirelessly to provide you with reliable and efficient debt collection solutions, giving you the confidence to focus on your core business activities.

Terms and conditions apply

Our Collection Agreements Consist of the following:

  1. We work on a no-success-no-fee basis for a limited period, before advising you on your prospects of success and the best way forward;
  2. Legal costs will be collected from the debtor if collection is successful;
  3. Payments made to your offices will be on an commission basis, meaning that we will be entitled to commission of the amount recovered from the debtor;
  4. If the matter is however defended the arrangement of no fees and/or costs will not be applicable and will an account be rendered on the scale as between attorney and client;
  5. Monthly reports are drawn up;
  6. We liaise with each client personally to ensure a positive and long lasting relationship.

Some features of our debt collection packages are the following:

  1. You will receive up to 75% payout from money collected from month one,
  2. You will pay no fees and/or costs if the matter remains undefended,
  3. Fees will be deducted from payments received from the debtor,
  4. We offer DebiCheck in terms of which debtors can pay their debt in monthly instalments, by debit order,
  5. No will pay no fees for the drafting and putting into place of an Admission of Liability and Instalment offer with the debtor,
  6. We offer blacklisting services at a competitive rate,
  7. We operate nationally and have a huge database of debtors and employers.

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